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Monday, March 30, 2015  

Prolief - a natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormonesPublished 9/30/2002

While the debate on hormone replacement therapy rages on, Deanna Herrin has a secret.

Itís a secret the former physicianís assistant wants to share with women everywhere afflicted with peri-menopausal symptoms.

Herrin discovered Prolief, a natural hormone balancing cream from Arbonne International, a few years ago in her practice. When nothing else seemed to work for her patients, she turned to Prolief, a product she calls a safe alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Prolief is an herbal and botanical cream.

"We donít use any ingredients in our product that are harmful," said Herrin, a mother.

Petroleums and minerals are left out of Prolief, as well as artificial colors, fragrances and SD alcohol.

Herrin has seen desperate patients come to her for help. As a physicianís assistant, patients would come to Herrin with hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats and devastating depression.

"They think theyíre crazy and their doctor thinks their crazy and they end up on anti-depressants," Herrin said. "What happens is their ovaries are starting to fail. They are not ovulating every month. When they donít ovulate every month they donít produce progesterone. Their hormones are unbalanced. This creates a mood change for up to 10 years."

Caught up in this cycle, women look to their doctors for help. But after hopping from prescription to prescription with no success, many patients find themselves at their witís end, Herrin said.

While in the medical community, Herrin said she noticed the negative feedback natural products received from physicians.

"Weíre not trained in anything natural in medical school," Herrin said. "I thought this is some kind of snake oil treatment. The more research I did, the more reading I did I said this makes more sense."

Herrin said the product has actually been used for years in women with infertility problems, who often times have a progesterone deficiency.

"If this is safe enough for use in a pregnant woman, donít you think itís safe enough for everyone to take," Herrin asked.

Herrin speaks from experience when she talks about the success her patients have had on Prolief.

"It was only after I started researching it and reading about it. Women were already starting to look for another alternative to what they were using," Herrin said. "Most women do not feel good on pharmaceutical hormones. I started using it in my patients and the results I saw were just incredible."

For the first time women actually felt better.

"Never once did I have a women on pharmaceutical hormones say ĎI feel good," she said. "On the product, they were saying ĎWhy hasnít anyone told me about this.í"

Prolief is derived from soy and contains progesterone-USP, a potent grade of the chemical.

Herrin said she has even used the product to treat women with migraine headaches, insomnia, premenstrual symptoms and also on women with fibrocystic breast disease.

"The main thing I try to point out is you have to feel comfortable with whatever you put in their body," Herrin said. "Women are not comfortable using hormone replacement therapy. Women need to educate themselves. Basically with Arbonne, I feel like I am more of an educator. This is more of a passion of mine. I want to educate women there is an option out there."

One container - a four-monthís supply - costs $30. For more information call Herrin at 359-0475 locally or 1-800-446-4965, pin 00.

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